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The smart city innovation lab of KEDE is the first accelerator for smart cities and digital innovation in Greece!

The aim of the innovation lab is to implement innovative and state-of-the-art applications with the support of new Greek teams and companies, provide applications and services through a central marketplace in order to achieve economies of scale, interconnect with foreign operators to share know-how, provide training on modern technologies as well as counseling and support for Municipalities on innovation and digital technologies.

Great emphasis is placed on the introduction of disrupting technologies (e.g. AI, blockchain, VR, augmented reality, open APIs) in local government as well as the promotion of open data as it can be used by new developers and startup companies to create innovative applications.

The innovation lab supports youth, outward-looking and innovative entrepreneurship as well as teams, such as those participating in open innovation marathons, by helping them develop their solutions and become new companies.


The smartcity innovation lab of KEDE works with 6-month cycles on specific thematic areas around digital innovation and smart cities.

The acceleration program can be attended by:

Winners or/and participants in crowdhackathons.
The teams to be selected by KEDE.

Public call for expressions of interest
For teams that are not selected through crowdhackathons, there will be a public call for expressions of interest before the beginning of each cycle. Teams or businesses will be able to apply online to join the cycle.


So far, 2 crowdhackathons on smart cities have been held by KEDE. See what happened here.

Crowdhackathon #smartcity Crowdhackathon #smartcity2


#smartcity innovation apps

Electronic services of Municipalities – e-government – open data

Promotion of transparency and accountability

Protection of the environment and management of resources

Development of tourism

Services for businesses

Development of applications for the local economy and sustainable development

Internet of Things

Mobile & Smart Grids

Energy Management – Lighting, Smart Buildings – Energy Efficient Buildings

Transport Networks – Road Networks – Traffic Management, Transport (electromobility, gas-powered vehicles, hybrid vehicles) and Public Transport, Telematics

Water and Waste Management

Health and Telemedicine

Electronic Payments, Crowdfunding

Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Students, professionals, executives.

Individuals, teams and startup companies with fresh ideas.

Software developers, designers, analysts, data analysts, product developers, finance and management experts.

Teams of 3-5 people, so that knowledge on different fields is shared.


Horizontal Support

Horizontal counseling support for the productive implementation of the idea in the local government environment

Specialized Counseling

Specialized counseling / mentoring by executives of the Municipalities and technology providers / supporters of the action

Specialized Support

Specialized support with technical matters and architectures for developing digital platforms and services


Networking with renowned international accelerators and cooperating operators

Pleasant Environment

Creative and collaborative workplace

Open Innovation

Participation in dedicated actions, Crowdhackathons, demo days etc.